Toll Free Phone Number

ColoursTelPBX provides Toll Free Number service packed with a plethora of useful features to serve the global customers at their convenience. We arm our clients with numerous tools and utilities along with our toll free numbers.

What are Toll Free Numbers & How They Work?

Numbers that generally start with the prefixes of 800, 888, 877, 855, or 844 which impose no charge on the caller’s end are known as toll free numbers. They are mostly used by businesses and organizations as a powerful and effective business tool. Businesses or organizations that subscribe to these number services are charged for the calls made on these numbers, on the other hand, for the customers making calls is free of cost.

From a customer’s perspective

For a customer, these numbers imply that calls are free of charge. Along with that, it also entices a feel that the business is reliable, credible, and professional.

From a business owner’s perspective

It’s always imperative that businesses need a way to help their customers get in touch with them and a toll free number

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    Get extreme flexibility and security, all while ensuring better customer experience, along with the added benefits of cloud.


    Never miss out on an incoming customer call with our top of the line business toll free call forwarding feature.


    Monitor all calls and further enhance agent performance or optimize default scripts with our call recording feature.